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Hiking to Nage Gumba

March 7, 2014 | by bossman


  • Anita Suwal
  • Bikash Maharjan
  • Kusum Thapa
  • Raj Kumar Shrestha
  • Rajiv Shrestha
  • Saroj Napit
  • Destination:
    Nage Gumba
  • Departure Destination:
    NAC Micro Stand
  • Departure Time:
    8:05 AM
  • Arrival to Budhanilkantha:
    9:00 AM
  • Arrival to Destination:
    12:30 PM

Hiking To nage Gumba- Anita Suwal

We planned to meet at NAC at 6:00 a.m. I was the first person to say that but I reached at 8:00 am. Our journey started at that moment. We were waiting for the bus. And at the same time, we played the game “stop” at the bus stop. All of them enjoyed it but me because I was out in the first round as I did not know the rule.

The Bus didn’t come so we chose the next route, the route to Budhanilkantha. From that point, the actual hiking started. We started walking. After walking for about an hour, we reached Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park gate. Sarose (colleague) went to buy tickets and we started doing a photo session. There we met international tourists. The tourists were approaching us to take their photos. We did and asked them to take a photo of ours also. We started our journey to Nage Gumba. I was the weaker person on the team. All of them look so energetic but I…. I had eaten two chocolates(Snickers) already cause I felt hungry and weak. From time to time I was saying I am hungry, I can’t walk. Clicking photos, singing songs, eating snickers, drinking tang juice... We reached Nage Gumba. I was so tired and hungry that instantly I wanted to have food but others (team) were busy clicking photos. While Clicking the photo Kushma(colleague) started flirting with a tourist name Cyrus and Bikash too started flirting with a tourist named Laila. After a while, breakfast started. I ate as if I was never given food to eat.

We decided to hike up to Shivapuri despite the disagreement from me and Rajiv Sir. We started but after a while rainfall. Due to the rain, we decided to return back. We returned to the Gumba. There we had black tea which was so tasty. We enjoyed the fog. Clicked lots of photos, danced, played the game, jumped. We returned singing songs. I didn’t sing a song as I am not good at all. Then Rajiv Sir gave us an idea to play the game “word puzzle”. We twist the game by instead of words of everything, we choose only person name. There was punishment for those who cannot say the words. The punishment was dance. By this way we reached Budhanilkantha and we ride the bus, reached New Road where we had dinner and after that, we all went to our own home.

The hiking was so exciting, more enjoyable, joyful, and memorable. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to all my team for making the hiking remarkable.

Hiking To Nage Gompa -Kushma Thapa

My morning started with a visit to mahankal bhairab. Then, four of us met at the NAC stop, and since we had to wait for the other 3, we decided to give a visit to sankata mandir. After the half, an hour or so all seven of us had gathered, and in the meantime, while waiting for the microbus, we started to play the famous 90’s game “S.T.O.P.”. People around us were probably calling us crazy. The micro dropped us to budhanilkantha chowk. And we started our hiking thereafter. While we were walking in the jungle of Shivapuri National Conservation Area, we decided to take the shortcut routes once in a while just for fun, where we literally had to climb using the tree roots and branches.

After hours of walking, we finally reached our destination, Nage Gompa. The old chaur had turned to a six-story building. The view from therein was amazing, breathtaking. We settled in the grasses and started making our breakfast. It started getting too windy and cold. We clicked pictures, did our selfies and group snaps. Then the dilemma arrived, which was either to go forward or to stop. After too much discussion we finally decided to move forward. So we started to climb deeper into the woods. After an hour or so, it started to rain. The paths were quite a thing. And the drizzle was sure to make it difficult to return, so we stopped, had our energy drinks, and started to go back. Luckily for us, the paths had not turned too muddy or slippery. We stopped at a local shop and ordered tea.

As we were sipping our tea, something amazing happened. The fog started coming down. And it looked so amazing, not less than the first snowfall experience. We all started jumping and taking pictures. And in a few minutes, everything around turned whitish.

We started heading down. And on our way, we played games, and anybody who made a mistake had to dance. It was quite fun to see a guy dancing in Bollywood item number. We took a micro to the new road, ate tons, and shared our scary moments. And then the journey ended.